Our section F.A.Q. is constantly updated.
For any clarification, if not included in these answers, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.

I received the item but it is not to my liking and I would like a refund. What should I do?
If the product is not to your liking, you can take advantage of the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt, returning it in perfect condition and ask a refund. For more information click here.

I want to receive the package to an address different from the one entered in your site or PayPal. How can I change it?
If you paid with PayPal (or by credit card through the PayPal platform) we can not in any way change the present shipping address in the payment confirmation. In this case, we will cancel the transaction, refund your previous payment and send a new request for payment. In this way you can change your address directly in PayPal. For all other payment methods, there are no particular problems: if the shipment has not yet been carried out, immediately contact our Customer Service by e-mail and tell us your new address.

I still have not received the package, although I was given confirmation of shipment. What happened?
The first thing to do in this case is to check the online tracking using code that we have provided in the shipping confirmation. Often it is a courier delay or a failed delivery attempt for absence of the recipient or error in the address. If you can not solve the problem in this way, please contact our Customer Service.

The parcel is returned to sender. What should I do to receive it?
The first thing to do in this case is to verify that the address you provided is correct and complete. Please note that to avoid confusion, the name and surname of the recipient (or company name) must always be present on the intercom or doorbell. We also need the address provided there is someone during business hours. If your address is correct and the mix up was caused by the courier, we will reship at no additional cost. If the return to the sender is due to errors in the address or in the absence of the recipient at the time of delivery attempts, we will do a new shipment asking you to pay for the extra costs.

Are discounts available for resellers?
We grant special discounts for large quantities of material. If you are interested send us your request with the list of required products.

I sent the payment a few days already, why my order has not yet been shipped?
The time of receipt for certain payment methods (eg. Bank transfer, giro, money order, etc.) can be of a few working days. In some cases you may experience technical difficulties. We recommend that you send us by email the receipt of your payment so that we can carry out controls.

I received a damaged product. How do I get it replaced?
If you have found any damage when opening the package, you should immediately send us an email with an accurate description of the problems detected by attaching some photos where you described the damage they can see clearly. Our Customer Service will contact you to give instructions for the replacement of the product.
Note: The communication for shipments damage must be sent within 48 hours of the receipt of the product. We therefore recommend that you always check the goods immediately upon receipt.

What should I do to make use of the guarantee for a product bought from you?
In case of need, you can take advantage of the manufacturer's authorized service center closest to your home. Alternatively, you can return the product to us for repair. Our Customer Service is at your disposal to provide all the necessary instructions.

What is the duration of the warranty on our products?
All new products are covered by a 24 month statutory manufacturer's warranty. For some families of products a longer period of guarantee may be available (eg. Olimpia Splendid air conditioners).

What is the difference between warranty and return policy (right of withdrawal)?
The warranty provides for the possibility to request the repair (or replacement if this is not possible) of a product that should fail within a period of two years from receipt. The return right is the buyer's ability to change your mind, returning at their own expense a product within 14 days of receipt, asking for a refund.

Can I see a product at your store before purchasing?
Unfortunately not. Our activity takes place exclusively online and have no exposure to physical location. All available products are shown through our web site.

What documents issued to validate the product warranty?
For private customers we issue regular receipt that is kept at our offices throughout the validity of the guarantee. The customer can ask us at any time emailing a copy, valid for warranty validation. It's also possible to apply the original receipt by mail, but remember that this document is not reproducible, and that if lost will be impossible to duplicate it.
For VAT holders customers, on request, it will be issued the commercial invoice and sent in PDF format via email.

I am VAT owner, how can I do to have the invoice?
The VAT holders may enter the business data being recorded, In this way, our administrative office will issue the invoice instead of a receipt. Alternatively, you can communicate the data for the even header by sending a simple email at the time of purchase. Please note that the commercial invoice with VAT exposed may be required only at the time of purchase or in any case not later than the month of competence. In the absence of explicit request, our administrative office will issue a receipt that can not be reversed beyond the month of competence.

I live abroad and I wish that the shipment is made outside of Italy. I have to pay the Italian VAT? Is it possible to declare a lower value or mark the shipment as a "gift" to avoid import duties?
The rules for the application of VAT for customers who purchase from abroad are as follows:

  • private customer who resides in a country of the European Community: he has to pay the Italian VAT (22%)
  • customer with a VAT that resides in a country of the European Community NOT enrolled in the VIES: he has to pay the Italian VAT (22%)
  • customer with a VAT that resides in a country of the European Union enrolled in the VIES: It does not apply the Italian VAT (Sales Tax Free Art. 41)
  • Private customer or VAT holders that resides in a foreign country outside of the European Community: it does not apply the Italian VAT (Sales Tax Free Art. 8)

Our customs documents always report the exact value of the product, converted into euros at the current exchange rate. We do not make false statements to the products value because this would constitute a crime. Moreover, in case of damage or loss by the carrier, the insurance coverage would be based only on the declared value...